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помогите брату моей подруги.

Мишель: Это от моей подруги из Калифорнии, которая работала здесь в Москве в прошлом году. Голосуйте за №4 чтоб ее брат мог выиграть бесплатную СВАДЬБУ!!! Извините что ее сообщение на английском. caliangel Joined: 25 Sep 2005 Posts: 5 Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2006 3:07 am Post subject: A plea for help if you have a minute or two -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My little brother is in the running for a very nice prize package. (a fully paid for wedding) He has been dealing with the crappy load life sent his way (cancer, fired for being sick, disability checks canceled, ect.) I asking everyone I can think of for help. I need people to go to this web site and vote for couple #4 http://www.hot987.fm/windsorwedding.shtml We really want him to get a nice break for once. If you have a minute I would really apriciate the help. Thanks Back to top

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